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Visitor Do's and DOn'ts


  • Bring a refillable water bottle: you’ll be on your feet and moving about for most of the day, sometimes even waiting in line. Stay hydrated and take advantage of the refill fountains throughout the venue.


  • June can be hot: So if travelling to a show and walking in the sun make sure you have sunblock.


  • Bring snacks: considering how often you’ll be waiting in line to get into exclusive panels and screening, you do not want to waste time waiting in line to buy food. Pack some healthy snacks to munch on during the wait times instead.


  • Bring an extra bag within your bag: between the amazing merch that you can buy and the freebies that are given out, you’ll probably walk away from Anime Fan Festival with more than your backpack can carry. We recommend stashing a canvas bag within your main backpack that you can pull out when you’re running out of space. We don’t do plastic bags!


  • Bring a Sharpie and a notebook: what if you run into your childhood hero but don’t have anything with which they can give you an autograph?


  • Battery packs: don’t get stuck with a dead phone.


  • Cash: Though lots of vendors will accept card payments, cash is welcome everywhere and in many stands is the only currency accepted.


DON’T harass cosplayers, they are people just like you.

DON’T forget your camera, there are plenty of sites to see and memories to capture.

DON’T monopolise a Celebrity’s time! Be polite, be cool and be quick while getting autographs Don’t forget, there are other people in line too! The same goes for Photo-Op sessions.

DON’T put your food, drink, or “stuff” on ANY artist/vendor/celebrity tables. You don’t want to accidentally ruin merchandise!

DON’T burn yourself out trying to be everywhere — take it slow.

DON’T forget to bring snacks!

DON’T push in on queues; be patient & be respectful of your fellow fans

DON’T ask for a hugs, propose to your significant other, or do anything else embarrassing at panels.

DON’T leave your valuables, personal items, or purchases behind.

DON’T rely just on your phone. You’ll waste batteries, and WiFi can be slow.

DON’T take photos of cosplayers without permission. Be respectful.

DON’T lose your badge. Put it in the same place when you take it off so you’re not hunting for it.

DON’T wear offensive t-shirts or anything that may make other people or AnimeCon staff want to ask you to leave.


No Weapons!

Exhibitors must follow our cosplay weapons policy. Prop firearms are allowed only if they can’t be mistaken for real weapons. If it looks like a real gun, it cannot come into the event. Realistic prop guns with brightly coloured caps are allowed. No cap guns, airsoft guns, or BB guns at all. Prop weapons are allowed at the event if they’re made of cardboard, foam, or similar light material. Plastic and wooden prop weapons are generally OK but must be reviewed by our security team. No metal weapons, sharp weapons, or blunt weapons. This includes items like bokken and baseball bats.

 [See full list of cosplay rules here]