15-16 June 2024 at the NEC Birmingham - Get your tickets before they sell out!



Visiting us on your own? Wanna branch out from your regular crowd? Here’s your chance to make some new friends with a helping hand from ANIMECON. Team up and take part in activities with fellow fans and get some guidance from our fabulous group of hosts. When you get a minute, enjoy a break at our bubble tea bar and games tables. Animates is the newest and next big thing, and we’re here to help you find friends who share your interests and fit your vibe.

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Art, art, and — Hey! — more art!

There’s lots of it to see here, and if you’re a real enthusiast, there’s just as much to buy. This bustling marketplace is dedicated to creatives eager to show off their work and wares. Discover new talent and connect with artists while browsing for your new favourite piece. Visitors can expect to find a wide assortment of handmade items, including intricate prints, bespoke crafts, custom clothing, and original comics. So make some space on that wall, shelf or wardrobe of yours; after coming here you’ll need it!

270+ artists & vendors!


You better have lots of bag space for your next trip, because for 2024 we’ve expanded our space to a whopping 12,000sqm! Why? We have to make room for over 270 vendors and all the people excited to peruse, don’t we? Attendees can spend their day strolling through our marketplace which offers everything from exclusive anime merchandise to unique collectibles. Whether you’re searching for the latest fashion or rare exclusives, you’re sure to find something you can’t help but take home. Now. Where did I put my credit card?

Random Play Dance 

Finally, practising Love Shot by EXO in front of the mirror will pay off! We have a wide selection of music for you at the Random Play Dance area including K-pop, J-pop, Vocaloid, rhythm games and more. If you hear a familiar tune, rush to centre stage and prove your dance dedication with every memorized move of popular choreography. Put on an impromptu show with other students of step and dance to your heart’s content — or at least until the song changes! 

Silent Disco!

The dancefloor is yours at the ANIMECON silent disco.  Every person who enters gets their own headset to jam to their favourite tunes; that means no voices or announcements to take you away from really losing yourself in the beat. We have an endless playlist of anime mega hits to get your groove going, but go ahead and request at will to play the music you really want to party to. Spectators can feel free to drop by and watch our disco truthers throw some shapes. Disco ain’t dead, but you’ll have to come see for yourself. You certainly won’t hear it! 

cosplay fun!

Grab your best props and throw on your favourite cosplay outfits and come and join fellow cosplayers at AnimeCon! Whether you’re a first-timer or glue-gun veteran, everyone is welcome at AnimeCon! In our Cosplay Area, you can find our Cosplay Hospital which has just about everything to help attendees refresh or mend their cosplay. As a free courtesy to attendees, our resident cosplay veteran BexiBeans is here to answer questions and assist with a fix-up to get you back out there looking and feeling your best.

We pride ourselves in championing the phrase ‘Cosplay is not Consent’. We know every Cosplayer should be able to strut their stuff in a fun and safe environment. Read the guidelines here.

cosplay catwalk!

Attendees from around the UK get to showcase their passion for their favourite fandoms on the AnimeCon Cosplay Catwalk!  It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned sewing machinist, foam-smith or total beginner or not as our catwalk is completely not competetive!  All cosplay styles including J-Fashion are welcome to take  part!  Sign up at the Cosplay Hospital on the day to get involved and strut your stuff! (Please note that we can only accept walk-ons and not skits or performances!) 

Panels & talks

We’ve got a packed schedule of panels and talks ready for you to drop in on at ANIMECON. Professional or fan-made, there’s more than enough to keep you entertained for the whole weekend. Special guests are here to chat about their experiences, performers are here to deliver what makes them great, and our creator stage has everything you could ask for when it comes to content by fans for fans. Join in the fun and check out what’s on by clicking here.